My name is Giulia and I am originally from Italy. I studied in Florence at “Scuola del Balletto di Toscana” to become a professional dancer and moved to Germany in 2013 to continue my dancing career, where I worked as a guest at “Anhaltisches Theater Dessau”, directed by T. Kajdanski.

Not long after, I moved to Berlin, where I kept working as a dancer for various companies and projects. This is also where I first encountered yoga and fell in love with it. I started to experience great benefits for my body and mind that the practice of yoga provides, especially when dealing with anxiety and restlessness.

In early 2016 I started to teach dance classes to kids and adults. I have had a keen interest in the art of movement and love to share this with my students. Teaching them to (re)connect with their bodies through dance and improvisation, helping them to discover new ways of movement whilst focusing on the breath. To be conscious of each movement in each moment.

After several years of yoga practice, I started to delve deeper into yoga philosophy and meditation. In early 2019 I completed a 200-hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training Course at “One Yoga” in Thailand, took part in a “Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers” in Italy and in 2020 accomplished a 30-hour “The Method: Backbending” Teacher Training with Talia Sutra.

Currently I am based in Berlin, where I work as a Dance and Yoga Teacher in different studios. 


Dance Education

Accademia Giselle Danza e Musica, Porto San Giorgio

Scuola del Balletto di Toscana, Firenze 

Dance Experience

Junior BdT – Scuola del Balletto di Toscana, Florence

Dancer in the junior company for the production “Coppelia” by Fabrizio Monteverde.

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau, Dessau 

Guest dancer in the company for the productions “Amadeus”, “Der Sturm” and “Cinderella” by Tomasz Kajdanski.

“InsideOut”, Carcassonne 

Dance performance by Karl Paquemar for the vernissage of the exhibition “VanBinh s’expose à la Justice” by contemporary artist and sculptor VanBinh.

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, Berlin

Dancer in the company for the production “Gottlos” by Salvatore Siciliano.

“Fragments of Time”, Berlin

Dance performance for the vernissage of the exhibition “Fragments of Time” by contemporary artist and painter Andrea Covic.

Dirty Granny Tales, Berlin/Athens

Dancer for the performance “Telion’s Garden”.


  • fabrik Potsdam: Modern für Kids, Modern Street, Contemporary/Jazz, Modern Morgentraining, Yoga Meets Dance, Flexibility Training, Workshops.
  • DanzArte (Berlin): Kreativer Kindertanz, Vorballett, Urban Modern Kids.
  • Bija Yoga Berlin: Vinyasa Flow Yoga.
  • Tanzfläche (Berlin): Contemporary.
  • Tanzkurse Elena (Berlin): Vorballett, Ballet, Contemporary.
  • Pro Stage (Berlin): Contemporary/Jazz, Contemporary.
  • La Caminada (Berlin): Kreativer Kindertanz.
  • Pro Sport 24 (Berlin): Vorballett, Ballet Kids.

Yoga Teacher Training

200-hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training, One Yoga Thailand

30-hour  “The Method: Backbending”, Talia Sutra

Continuing Education

  • Moderner Kindertanz (4-7 / 7-12 Jahre), March, Gabi Würf
  • Anatomie und Tanzmedizin für Kinderpädagogen, Anja Weber
  • Moderner Kindertanz (4-7 / 7-12 Jahre), September, Gabi Würf
  • Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers, Victoria Larsson
  • Die Kunst der Hands On Assist, Dana Sertel
  • Moderner Kindertanz (4-7 / 7-12 Jahre), Gabi Würf
  • Teeny-Dance-Fortbildung, Alexandra Möhring