What people say about (me and) my yoga classes

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Giulia‘s yoga classes are playful, challenging and always a lot of fun. They really have been the highlight of my weeks during what seems at this point like an endless lockdown (and I‘m sure they will continue to be once this pandemic is over). Giulia‘s classes are rooted in her deep knowledge of yoga, movement and dance, and have helped me develop a consistent practice that I can rely on on and off the mat. Giulia puts a lot of emphasis on building the proper foundations for poses and flows—think strength, the correct alignment and flexibility—and through this she has given me the confidence to work on advanced poses even in online classes. If someone had told me I would learn headstand—a pose I was terrified of until now—through online classes I would have laughed, but now nothing seems impossible. On a personal note, Giulia is an absolute delight and I really cannot recommend her and her classes highly enough.
Jessica R.
Giulia is a professional, intuitive and kind teacher who manages to provide a great mixture of both being challenged and learn something new while also finding calmness and relaxation. Highly recommend her!
Jana M.
Thanks to her theoretical and technical knowledge and to her deep spiritual side, Giulia’s classes give to your body and your mind a profound well-being. The dedication to what Giulia is teaching, her positive energy and kindness, help each person to achieve personal goals step by step. Thanks Giulia for what you give during your practices.
Marica A.
Giulia is an amazing yoga teacher! She takes care of everyone personally and always remind us to listen to our body! She produces high-quality classes with interesting objectives, awesome playlists, and always show all the variations for each posture, so we can choose our level! I look forward to continue my practice with you!
Julie S.
Giulia is able to transmit her great passion for yoga in a natural and authentic way. She is a highly qualified teacher who can adapt the class and the asanas to everyone in the group, having the ability to make everyone feel confident, no matter the level. The atmosphere that she creates during the class is very pleasant thanks to her beautiful energy and her kind heart that I am sure everyone can feel. I highly recommend taking yoga classes with Giulia, both group and one-to-one/tailored sessions.
Manuela S.
I want to recommend Giulia's yoga classes to all people who want to start with yoga. I went to other classes before, but she is the first yoga teacher that is truly dedicated to what she's teaching with great encouragement, kindness and positive energy. I do love her mixture of challenging poses and relaxation techniques, as well as that she corrects my yoga poses, so I can do it right. I went to five classes so far, and learned more about yoga practice than in all yoga classes before. Thank you Giulia
Nora L.