Workshops are a great way to delve deeper into a specific topic and really taking the time to really understand.


Saturday, 24th of April
11:00 -13:00
fabrik Potsdam - online
25 €

In this 2-hour long workshop we will combine dance and yoga asanas (poses) together. After a centering, breathing exercises and a warm up, we will learn a sequence that merge these two worlds together. Through guided and free improvisation you will be able to explore new ways of moving and discover your own unique ability to "flow". Getting to know your body and understanding how it works will help you to be more aware whilst moving and establish a safe practice.
My aim in these workshops is really bringing the awareness to the breath and learn how to move from it, trying to find more space in the body and understanding that we just need our body to move and we can do it as we better feel like.
Consider it to be a strong yet graceful dance, that can help you find stillness in the body and mind even while moving. Expect complete stillness and a long relaxation to finally surrender.


3-Week Course
Mondays, 17:00 - 18:00
New course starting on the 12th of April
fabrik Potsdam - online
30 €

Improve your flexibility in this 3-class series.
We are all born flexible but we tend to lose it as we grow older.
Working on flexibility will allow you to find more space in your body and move it to its full potential.
Every session will focus on a different body part (hamstrings - backbends - hips), ending with a peak pose.
These classes are open to all levels, many variations are offered to make sure you feel supported but also challenged on your journey.

“Life is movement. The more life there is, the more flexibility there is. The more fluid you are, the more you are alive.” ~ Arnaud Desjardins